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Bioplex EU Expansion

Bioplex EU Expansion

Technology exchange and licence agreement for a manufacturing company to use the Bioplex Process in an EU country.

Prison Kitchen Waste

Kitchen Waste Portagester Operational

Second site using the Bioplex Process to treat prison kitchen waste now operational.
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Channel Islands Trial

Channel Islands Trial

Portagester completes trials in the Channel Islands.
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Pasteurisation Tanks

Fourth Plant to gain ABPR Compliance

"Bioplex Process" source segregated food waste digester meets the Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR).
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Modern society produces more and more waste materials, with an ever increasing demand for energy and fertiliser whilst facing the challenges of climate change.

Anaerobic digestion and composting are well know methods for the treatment and recovery of wastes containing organic material. A major breakthrough is the successful development of multi-stage anaerobic digestion and composting, the patented Bioplex process. This can treat a variety of food and agricultural wastes, resulting in biogas, natural fertiliser and fibre.

The Bioplex process can include the Portagester ®, a revolutionary new pre-composter and anaerobic fermenter for the treatment of farm and horse stable manures; food and catering wastes; trade, garden and local authority wastes. The Portagester can be used as an add-on to conventional anaerobic digesters or supplied as a complete system.

Depending to some extent upon the type of feedstock being treated, the plant is relatively odourless, clean and compact; sealed vessels prevent cross-contamination and disease risk from birds, rodents and insects.

The fermented and composted solid material can be used as organic fertiliser-rich fibre for soil conditioning and as a growing medium, with the environmental and political advantages of replacing peat and petrochemical based fertilisers. Separated liquid can be treated in an anaerobic digester (AD) to produce biogas - an energy source.

After several years of research and development (see news and updates) and extended testing, the final digesters as products will become available later this year or early next.

Please note that the trading name "Bioplex" and all of the associated IP are now back with Longstock Energy Ltd.

Online Digester Output Estimator

Online Digester Output Estimator

Our Online Estimator gives an idea of energy and nutrient outputs you can expect from a digester.

Simply enter the tonnage of waste produced per week and this facility (requires JavaScript) will calculate the corresponding digester output of Heat, Electricity and Natural Fertiliser Nitrogen produced.

Please contact us for more specific enquiries.

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